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At Retail Monster, our executive team has successfully led some of the world's most elite brands, hailing from the likes of Disney, DreamWorks, VIACOM, and Walmart.  We have licensed products and spearheaded programs for Infants to Grandparents, and everyone in between, across the Globe.  

We are a One-Stop-Shop agent offering everything needed in a vertical licensing model, at a margin that is more advantageous than going direct. Our model includes triggers to ensure that as your brand grows, then so do the resources dedicated to your company. It's easy to maximize the revenue on a hot property, but it takes resources to transition your brand from a promotional in-and-out business to a 365 everyday brand.  

Outbound & Inbound Licensing

Outbound Licensing

Retail Monster is proficient in connecting great brands with great suppliers, and aiding the brand efforts at retail. We work hand-in-hand with our partners on everything from the initial strategy, deal negotiation, retail sales, product development, forecasting and collections, optimizing the opportunities for each brand across consumer products, promotions, live events, and more.

Inbound Licensing

We work with innovative manufacturers and retailers to partner with world-class brands, using licensing to unlock and maximize opportunities for their businesses.

Outbound Licensing

When a brand wants to connect, negotiate, and sign with suppliers.

Inbound Licensing

When a supplier wants to connect, negotiate, and sign a brand.

Promotional Licensing

When a brand or supplier wants to promote their brand or products.

Location Based Ent. Licensing

When a brand wants to connect, negotiate, and sign with Live Events/Theme Park companies.

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