Pudgy Penguins and Retail Monster Join Colonies to Launch Toyline

February 21, 2023

Pudgy Penguins has been expanding its horizons. First, partnering with LayerZero to waddle across chains and then Hologram Labs to develop 3D avatars.

Earlier today, Pudgy Penguins opened its colony even further, joining forces with Retail Monster to bring an adorable toyline to retailers across the Atlantic. This partnership will also provide fresh new licensing opportunities for the non-fungible token (NFT) brand.

Quick Take:

  • Pudgy Penguins partners with Retail Monster to put the Pudgy Toyline on retailers’ shelves worldwide.
  • Retail Monster will leverage the NFT brand’s IP to enable name-brand licensing opportunities.
  • This new partnership allows Lil Pudgys to spread its brand across the globe and creates collaboration opportunities with well-known brands.
Pudgy Penguins and Retail Monster

Key Advantages Retail Monster Brings to Pudgy Penguins

Representing well-known brands, including Disney, DreamWorks, and Hasbro — and with an extensive network of major retailers — it’s no wonder Pudgy Penguins is ecstatic for Retail Monster to jump on board.

Naturally, therefore, the announcement of partnering together caused excitement among the two companies and consumers alike:

Retail Monster’s prominent role is to expand the NFT brand’s reach and bring the beloved characters to life as a toyline. The toyline expects to reach a wide audience thanks to the brand extension and licensing company’s expertise. Thus, Lil Pudgys can appeal to a new target market.

Consequently, fans can get ready to see their favorite Pudgy Penguins as physical products and collaborate with well-known brands.

Overall, this collaboration marks an inspiring milestone for both companies as they embark efforts to spread the adorable Pudgy Penguins IP to the masses.

Learn more about what’s in store for Pudgy Penguins at the NFT project’s upcoming event, Midnight in Paris!

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